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I’d just recorded Solitude and someone asked me what the next tune was going to be called. I joked that it will be the opposite of solitude… I Googled “the opposite of solitude” for inspiration, or perhaps a giggle, and it came straight up with a film called “The Opposite Of Solitude”. It transpires that it was a particularly poor film!

However, it reminded me that I used to be in a film club. We used to meet once a week and watch the kind of films you might expect to see at Cannes Film Festival The challenge was to turn up with something nobody had ever seen and it turn out to be everyone’s favourite film of all time. We had some stinkers! Every now and again someone would turn up with something quite profound. The best ones were usually French. These evenings could be attended by around 4-12 people, depending on what was going on and sometimes the films were quite emotionally challenging.

So when I saw the review of The Opposite of Solitude, I really laughed, imagining turning up to film club with a really bad film and everyone throwing things at me.

The music gives me the hypnotic kind of feeling that watching the films with good friends gave me… just ambling along getting a little bit bigger and bigger and then quieter and quieter and then just drifting off. The journey in the music is much the same as the journey of one of these films, with some nice little melodies interwoven and no real finite ending.

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