f is for Fox

Originally, I was only going to have 8 tracks on this album, and I had stopped recording. But I picked my guitar up and this song just came out. It almost took as long to play as it did to write.

It’s not really the same style as anything else on the album, but once the other instruments were added, it sounds like a jazz band playing. It’s nice that it is a bit different and unexpected. It wouldn’t have worked so well at the beginning of the album, because it would have confused the listener.

I used the same acoustic guitar to play the whole album, but in this track I played it like an electric guitar. The other songs, the guitar was played like a classical guitar. Up until I recorded the first album, I’ve always played in an electric guitar style. It is second nature to me and the way that I normally play, playing classically is not something I’ve ever done before, so it seemed fitting to include this track.

The Fox is a character on a print in our house, we love it. He is a really cool jazz character and the print is so random, just like this song in amongst the classical pieces.

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